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`A Final Salute: Gloves On/Safety Off`
History of the Fort Bedford Honor Guard

by William Roy Mock

A Final Salute: Gloves On/Safety Off by William Roy Mock

This book highlights the developmental stages of the Fort Bedford Honor Guard from its origin, through the early history, and extends up to the present time. The book contains numerous highly selective photos which greatly enhance the connotation of the informational text.

The `Fort Bedford Honor Guard` of Bedford County, Pennsylvania is considered to be one of the oldest veteran volunteer honor guards in the nation; based upon composition and the number of continuous years in operation, since its inception in June of 1946. The group will formally commemorate its 75th Anniversary in 2021.

William Roy Mock served four years in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War and was honorably discharged. Mock is a retired high school teacher and accomplished county historian. He has been an active member of the Fort Bedford Honor Guard for well over a decade.

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