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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Genealogy Research Services

We offer a variety of genealogy research services for members and non members. The cost depends on the type of service requested.

For use the Pioneer Library, there is no hourly charge for members; there is a slight fee for copies. If you are not a member, the hour charge is $5.00 for the first hour and $2.00 for every hour there after per visit.

If you have questions, please email or phone us for more information. Be sure to include an email address and telephone number on all correspondence.

1 - Look-Ups

When requesting a Look-Up, we will research the following areas:

  • Alms House Records - The charge is $5.00 per record.

  • Civil War Exemption Records - The charge is $5.00 per record.

  • Divorce Records - The charge is $20.00 per record plus copy charges. If the record you are looking for is not in the index then we will visit the courthouse and the charge will be $20.00 per record plus copy charges.

  • Military Files - The charge varies depending on the size of the file.

  • Naturalization Papers - The charge is $10.00 plus $1.00 shipping and handling.

  • Obituaries - The charge is $5.00 per obituary.

  • Old Photo Album Collection - The charge is $5.00 per clipping.

  • Orphans Court Records - The charge is $10.00 with five pages copied free. Additional pages are $1.00/page.

  • Tax Records: - If you can provide the name of the person, the township of residence and the year you want searched, the charge is $5.00 for each record. If you do not know the township of residence and the year, then the charge is $25.00 for each record.

  • Wills - The charge is $5.00. If the Will you are looking for is not in the index then the charge is $15.00 plus $1.70 copies plus $1.50 S and H to visit courthouse

2 - Single Person Search

We will perform a Single Person Search for the charge of $75, which includes the cost of copies, shipping and handling.

3 - Court House Research

We will go to the Bedford County Court House and get a copy of a record, such as a will, deed, marriage record or death record. The charge is $20.00 for the first item and $10.00 per additional item that can be retrieved on the same trip to the court house. Court House copy charges also apply, which currently vary from $0.25 to $0.75 per page.

4 - Cemetery Look-Up and Grave Stone Inscription

If you know the cemetery where a person is buried, you may purchase a copy of the inscription on the person's grave stone. The charge is $5.00. Click here.

If you do not know the cemetery, the charge is $20.00 because we have to search our cemetery records, which can take up to an hour. And we do not offer a PayPal payment option for this search service at this time.

5 - Gravestone Photograph

For a $20.00 fee, we will visit a cemetery and photograph a grave stone. You must specify the cemetery and name and dates for the person whose stone you want photographed.

6 - Other Research

If you want a search that doesn't fall into one of the areas above, the charge is $25.00/hr. with minimum of one hour. Copies and postage are extra. You may also limit the time or the amount that you want to spend.