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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Military Files
Bedford County, Pennsylvania

The copies of military pension files are from the National Archives in Washington, DC. Although most of the pension files are for soldiers who served in the Civil War, there are also pension files for soldiers who served in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Spanish-American War. Also, there are records for soldiers who served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. These are designated with (CSA) after the name of the war.

These pension files are of different lengths. Some are fairly large and contain over 100 pages. A few are small and contain fewer than ten pages. Our cost for a copy of a particular pension file depends on the length of the file. Write or email to the address above to receive a price for a copy of a file. The National Archives currently charges $75.00 for files up to 100 pages and more for larger files. In all cases our cost for a copy of a file will be less than the cost that you would be charged by the National Archives. In most cases our cost will be substantially less.


Last First War Contents
Agnew William Civil War - 4 pages
Amick William Civil War - 11 pages Letter to parents notifying of his death
Bailey Thomas A. Civil War (CSA)
Barnett Samuet Civil War - 2 pages Muster Roll
Bennett Henry Civil War - 4 pages
Bilisoly Joseph L. Civil War (CSA)
Black John Civil War
Blum (Bloom) Jacob Civil War - 2 pages Discharge papers, reports birth in Germany
Bollman George Francis Civil War - 3 pages
Bowers Charles M. Civil War - 7 pages
Bowers Jacob Civil War - 17 pages
Bowers Michael H. Civil War - 6 pages
Brubaker Elias Civil War - 3 pages
Brumbaugh Francis Civil War
Brumbaugh George Civil War
Bulger Andrew Civil War - 205 pages Father's pension for father Daniel based on Andrew's service. Andrew died 6 weeks after discharge.
Bulger Daniel Civil War - 80 pages Widow's pension for wife Mary
Bulger David Civil War - 21 pages
Burket Frederick Civil War - 13 pages
Burket Jacob Civil War - 33 pages
Bussard Andrew Civil War - 3 pages
Bussard Emanuel S. Civil War - 3 pages
Bussard Joseph S. Civil War - 4 pages
Bussard Simon Civil War - 3 pages
Butts Daniel G.C. Civil War (CSA)
Calhoun David Civil War - 146 pages
Carn Adam B. Civil War, 184th PA Inf
Carnell William Civil War
Cassell V.D. Civil War (CSA)
Cessna George W. Civil War - 285 pages
Chamberlain Daniel G.C. Civil War
Chamberlain Eli Gabriel Civil War
Chamberlain Elias F. Civil War
Chamberlain Jacob Civil War
Chamberlain Jacob Revolutionary War
Chamberlain James Revolutionary War
Chamberlain John War of 1812
Chamberlain Joseph Civil War
Chamberlain William P. Civil War
Chamberlin Daniel Civil War
Claar Henry Civil War - 4 pages Disability papers
Claar Jacob C. Civil War - 4 pages Disability papers
Clark Alexander Civil War - 1 page
Clark John Civil War - 10 pages Matilda, widow of John of Everett
Clark Philip Civil War - 15 pages Soldier's and widow's pension
Claycomb William Civil War - 60 pages Includes widow's pension
Clingerman Peter Civil War - 26 pages
Clingerman Peter Civil War - 28 pages
Colledge Jacob Civil War
College Simon Civil War
Comp Solomon Civil War - 13 pages
Coner Adam Civil War - 34 pages Pension and letters to wife
Cook John H. Civil War - 18 pages With widow's pension
Cooke Giles Buckner Civil War
Cooper Barton A. Civil War - 4 pages
Cooper Nathan Civil War - 2 pages
Corl Leonard Civil War - 10 pages
Corle Alexander B. Civil War - 25 pages
Corle Martin Civil War - 34 pages
Cox Samuel Civil War - 1 page
Crawford Jacob Civil War - 21 pages
Crichfield John Civil War - 10 pages
Crissey Samuel Civil War - 21 pages
De Lauzanne William Civil War (CSA)
Diehl Levi Civil War
Ewing Roy Spanish-American War - 7 pages
Feight William Civil War - 21 pages
Filler William Benten Civil War
Filler William Collier Civil War
Fisher Charles Y. Civil War - 31 pages Medical records, Muster Rolls, short history, not a pension file
Foor John T. Civil War Muster Rolls
Garlick Christian C. Civil War - 4 pages
Garn Adam A., of Ohio Civil War, 10th Ohio Cav.
Garn Daniel, of Ohio Civil War, 169th Ohio Inf.
Garn Daniel I. Civil War, 91st Penn. Inf.
Garn David, of Ohio Civil War, 169th Ohio Inf.
Garn Isaac M., of Ohio Civil War, 111th Ohio Inf.
Garn Jeremiah, of Ohio Civil War, 10th Ohio Cav.
Garn Joseph I., of Ohio Civil War, 169th Ohio Inf.
Garn Tobias, of Ohio/Michigan Civil War, 169th Ohio Inf.
Garns John, of Franklin Co., PA Civil War, 21st PA Cav.
Garns Milton, of Ohio Civil War, 43rd Ohio Cav.
Garns Samuel (as Garnes), of Ohio Civil War, 3rd Ohio Cav.
Gates Alexander Civil War
Gates David Civil War
Gates George Civil War
Gates Jacob War of 1812
Gates James Civil War
Gates John Civil War
Gates John B. Civil War
Gates Joseph (Corporal) Civil War
Gates Joseph (Private) Civil War
Gates Joseph K. Civil War
Gates Martin Civil War
Gates Samuel Civil War
Gates Thomas Civil War
Gates William Civil War
Gates William B. Civil War
Gates William H. Civil War
Gates William K. Civil War
Gern Charles, of Blair Co, PA Civil War, 84th PA Vols.
Gerns Samuel A., of Franklin Co., PA/Maryland Civil War, Purnell's Legion, MD Vols.
Gogley Jacob Civil War - 217 pages
Gogley Jacob Civil War - 19 pages Pension of Ellizabeth, widow of Jacob based on his service
Gogley James Civil War - 24 pages
Gogley Samuel T. Civil War - 57 pages
Gogley Samuel T. Civil War Widow's pension for wife Emma
Grady John Civil War - 3 pages
Grubb Harvey Civil War
Grubb Wilson Civil War
Hanks Albert H. Civil War
Hanks William H. Civil War
Harbaugh Allen Civil War - 5 pages
Harner Michael War of 1812 - 4 pages
Helsel William Civil War - 36 pages
Hissong Josiah Civil War - 23 pages
Holler Alexander Civil War - 13 pages
Holler George W. Civil War - pictures
Holler James M. Civil War - 2 pages
Hook Elias Civil War - 7 pages
Hook George Civil War - 26 pages
Hook James Civil War - 13 pages
Householder Jacob Civil War
Householder Moses C. Civil War
Hughes Bailey Civil War - 56 pages Widow's pension for wife Margaret
Karns Jabez William - Alias William Maloney, (escaped after court martial, reenlisted under alias.) Civil War - 8 pages
Kegg Arthur I. Civil War
Kegg Benjamin Civil War
Kegg Emanuel Civil War
Kegg Frank Civil War
Kegg George Wesley Civil War
Kegg Jacob Civil War
Kegg James P. Civil War
Kegg John Civil War
Kegg Joseph Civil War
Kegg Levi Civil War
Kegg Levi R. Civil War
Kegg Nathaniel Civil War
Kegg Simon P. Civil War
Kegg William Civil War
Kegg William Civil War
Kegg William Mexican
Kegg William S. Civil War
Kelley David Civil War - 7 pages
Knox James Civil War - 1 page Pay cert. to mother
Koontz Franklin Civil War
Koontz George Civil War
Lashley Daniel Civil War - 256 pages
Leasure Jacob Civil War
Leighty George Civil War - 1 page
Leonard Adam Civil War - 30 pages His pension and widow's pension
Lewis Henry Civil War - 21 pages
Livingston Thomas G. Civil War Pictures
Longenecker Jacob H. Civil War - 70 pages
Lowry Samuel Civil War - 2 pages Widow's pension
Malone John Civil War - 150 pages
Maloney William See Jabez Karns
Manspeaker Barclay Civil War
Manspeaker David Civil War
Manspeaker John Civil War
May Jacob L. Civil War - 8 pages
McChessney John Civil War - 8 pages
McDaniel Hiram Civil War - 3 pages
McDaniel Jason Civil War - 2 pages
McEldownehy Hezekiah-Sarah, widow Civil War - 14 pages
Mearkle Barton Civil War
Mettz (also as Metz) John Civil War - 31 pages
Miller Christian Civil War - 5 pages
Miller Henry Civil War - 101 pages
Miller John E. (I) Civil War
Miller Joseph Civil War - 4 pages For 2 discharges - from St. Clairsville
Mills Andrew J. Civil War - 12 pages
Mills Andrew Jackson Civil War - 7 pages
Mitchell James Civil War - 8 pages
Mogart Abraham Civil War - 17 pages Includes widow's pension
Morse James Civil War - 8 pages
Morse Joseph S. Civil War - 4 pages
Nicodemus Isaac Civil War - 4 pages
Northcraft Edward War of 1812 - 2 pages Muster Roll
Northcraft James War of 1812 - 2 pages Muster Roll
Northcraft Michael War of 1812 - 2 pages Muster Roll
Northcraft William War of 1812 - 3 pages Muster Roll & payment voucher
Nycum John O. A. Civil War - 2 pages
Otto John S. Civil War - 2 pages
Otto Henry Civil War - 1 page Physical description, Muster info & death info at Andersonville prison
Pennell Andrew Civil War - 3 pages
Penrod Henry Clay Civil War - 27 pages
Penrod John B., Jr Civil War - 19 pages
Penrod John B., Sr Civil War - 27 pages
Potts John A. Civil War - 11 pages Widow's pension for wife Mary
Ramsey Alexander Civil War
Ramsey Eli B. Civil War
Ramsey Oliver C. Civil War
Rice Isaac Civil War - 13 pages
Robb George W. Civil War - 1 page Pay cert. to widow
Roudabush John M. Civil War - 1 page
Shaefer Charles C. World War II - 10 pages
Shull William Civil War - 6 pages
Sigel Raphael Civil War - 2 pages
Sigel Stephen Civil War - 3 pages
Sigle Gabriel Civil War - 1 page
Smith Anthony Revolutionary War - 13 pages
Smith William H. of Everett Civil War - 12 pages
Smouse Simon Civil War
Speer William Henry Civil War
Steckman Daniel H. Civil War
Steckman David Civil War - 8 pages Widow's pension
Steckman Francis H. Civil War
Steckman Levi Civil War
Stevens Denton Civil War - 18 pages
Stoudenour Jacob Civil War
Stoudenour John Civil War
Stoudenour William Civil War
Stoutenour/ Stoudenhour James H. Civil War
Stoutnour Samuel Civil War
Summerville Robert Civil War - 5 pages
Tate Jacob R. Civil War - 136 pages
Tate Samuel B. Civil War - 174 pages Includes widow's pension
Trail John and Casandra Civil War - 24 pages Includes widow's pension
Trout John C. Civil War - 3 pages Notice of increase in widow's pension
Valentine John Civil War - 31 pages
Walters Michael Civil War - 28 pages
Weisel William W. Civil War
Wertz Henry Civil War - 31 pages
Whittaker William Civil War - 34 pages Pension documents
Whysong Samuel Civil War
Wilkins Ephraim Civil War - 6 pages Notice of pension increase, includes photo of soldier
Williams Alvah Civil War - 29 pages Includes widow's pension
Williams Joseph Civil War - 5 pages
Wyant John Civil War - 3 pages