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the future looks to us.”

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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Talbot, R.C. Walker, Lancelot Wigger, Henry
Taylor, George Walkonig, Floman Wile, Solomon
Teague, Richard Wall, Patrick Wilker, Francis
Tew/Lew, Edward Wall, Matthew Michael Wilker, Peter
Theys, Felix Walter, George Wilkeson, John [also known as John Pearson]
Thomas, John D. Walter, Ignaz Williams, Aaron
Thompsn, William Walter, Wendel Williams, Evan
Thorsen, Oscar Ward, John Williams, Richard
Thorson, Peter Ward, Robert Williams, Samuel
Threlfall, Robert Warmuth, Michael Williams, William
Threlfall, Roger Warner, Albert Wills, Louis
Tidmer/Ditmunze, John Warner, Andrew Wills, Samuel
Tiernan, Andrew Warner, Francis A. Wilmet, John
Tilgar, Lorenz Warner, Wentline Wilson, Alexander
Tilley, William Washeim, Frederick Samuel Wilson, John
Tinney, Barnard Watson, Matthias Wilson, Robert
Tobin, John Watton, David Wynne Wilson, Samuel
Todson, George P. Watts, Joseph M. Wimer, John
Tohey, John Wayne, John William Wimer, Sylvestor
Toukin, Benjamin Weber, John Wirth, John
Townsend, William Wehn, William Wishart, David
Trevertan, George Weichwos, George Witheridge, Edward
Treverton, William Welch, William Witherstun, William
Tricker, George Welsh, James Wolf, George
Triel, Edward Welsh, William Wolf, John
Trout, William Wendel, Leonard Wolf, John
Ullery, Adam Wertz, Michael Wolf, Sebastian
Umbaugh, Henry West, John H. Wolff, Rudolf G. T.
Vallade, Jean Gaucher West, Matthias Wolford, George
Van Moos, Charles Joseph West, Thomas Wolfrun, John Adam
Vedeller, Gerat Henrik Wetter, Jacob Woods, Henry
Venderliken, Leopold Wetzel, John Wright, James
Vermoot, Michael Weymans, Alfonse Wyant, Adam
Vibert, John Wheelan, James Wyant, Valentine John
Vincent, John White, Charles Yaeger, John
Vogle/Fogle, Henry White, James Yeager, William
Voss, Joseph White, John Yost, Adam
Wagner, August White, Robert Young, Benjamin
Wagner/Wagoner, Christian White, William H. Young, John
Waggoner, Jacob Whiteline, John (Jr.) Zeller/Teller, John
Wagoner/Wagner, Jacob Whiteline, John (Sr.) Zeller, Mathias
Wagoner, John Conrad Whiteline, John H. Zilus, Jacob
Wainwright, Richard Whitemiller/Weismiller, Joseph Zimmer, Adam
Walcer, Ferdinand Whitford, John Zimmer, George
Walker, Abraham Wickfoos/Wickfonz, Conrad
Walker, John Wickfonz, Joseph