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the future looks to us.”

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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Naturalization Papers

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Sauganberger, John [alias John Smith] Sherman, John Sonneborne, Samuel
Saup, Bernard Shibber, Jacob Sose/Sosal, John
Saupp, Lucas Shindan, Bartholonew Soulshy, George
Scanlon, John H. Shoaf, John Spear, Andrew
Scanlon, Michael Shoemaker, John Speir/Spier, Christian
Scharp, John Shoemaker, John Albert Speir, James W.
Schaeffer, Jacob Showman, Charles Speirs, Matthew
Scheller, Casper Simmons, James Sprague, John
Schereline, Alex Simon/Simone, Peter Stager, Andrew
Schettig/Schettys, Phillip Slinker, Christian Stahl, William
Schmidt, Andrew Smales, Iveson Stauth, George
Schnider, Philip Smeaton, William Steel, Peter
Schore, Belshazzar Smeden, James Steele, Thomas
Schreader, Valentine Smith, Arthur Steinbach, Herman
Schrope, John Smith, Casper Steine, Moses
Schuler, Adam Smith, Charles Sterger, Philip
Schwalb, Henry Smith, Charles F. Stine, Frederick
Scott, David Smith, David E. Stock, Michael F.
Sefert, Caspar Smith, Edward Stramel, George
Seifert, Henry Smith, Frank Strickman, Augustus
Seigle, George Smith, George Strohmenger, Jacob
Semler, Jacob Smith, Jacob Strohmenger, Michael
Shaab, John Smith, John Stromenger, Peter
Shaaf, Charles Smith, John Stroup, Michael
Shaal, Charles Smith, John Struckman, Henry
Shack, Nathan Smith, John Sulitz, Theodore
Shafer, Jacob Smith, Patrick Summers, James
Shaw, Charles Smith, Robert Sutter, Rudolph
Shaw, Edward Smith, Samuel Swartskopp, Joseph
Shaw, James Snider, Henry Swigert, John A.
Shea, Daniel Snider, John Godlip Swindle, John
Shebben/Sheffer, Jacob Snow, William Switzer, Richard
Sheets, Henry Sommers, Christian F.