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the future looks to us.”

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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Naturalization Papers
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Haas, Jacob Henry, John Hudson, Robert
Haase, Charles Herold, Jacob Huffman, Augustus
Habick, Justus Hertman, John Hughes, Michael
Haderman, Adam Herzog, Lewis Humbert, Augustus
Haeit, Joseph Hessenius, Frederick Huneck, Sturm
Hagerty, Patrick Hesz, George Hunt, Andrew
Hahn, Isaac Heureux, Joseph Hunt, Benjamin
Haina, Frank Heuser, Henry Charles Hunt, Thomas
Hajostak, John Heyer, Christopher Hunter, Matthew
Halfpenny, Barney Hickey, Michael Hurley, John
Hall, Benjamin Hicking, Benjamin Hurtman, Bartholonew
Hall, John Hide, Joseph Hussey, James
Hallam, James K. Hildebrand, Charles Hutton, John
Hammond, William Hilderbrand, Fred Icensmith, Charles Frederick William
Haranhan, Peter Hilderbrand, Henry Israel, John
Harbum, Jacob Hill, William Henry Jacks, Joseph
Harker, John David Hillman, William Jaffa, Samuel
Harline, John Hindorf, Henry Jahnsaw, Johan Erek
Hartman, Henry Samuel Hinserling,Tobias James, David
Harman, Laurence Hinesling, William James, Thomas
Harr, Sebastian Hitchens, John James, Thomas
Harrington, Timothy Hochard, John Jamison, Peter
Harrison, Edward Hochstetter, Baumkratz Jansson, Carl Anton
Hart, John Hockins, John Jao, Morris
Hartegen, William Hodel, Nicholas Jenkins, Gethin
Hartland, Samuel Hoerkens, Werner Jenkin, Noah M.
Hartland, Thomas Hoffman, Charles Job, Annanias
Hartman, John Hoffman, Edward Johannesson, Andrew
Harwood, William Hofius, John Henry Johnson, Charles
Has, John Hoges, Joseph Johnson, Robert
Hanseling, George Hohman, George Nicholas Johnson, Thomas
Hasman, William Holshew, Andrew Johnston, Thomas
Hatala, John Holshew, John Jones, David
Harvey, John Holshue, Conrad Jones, David B.
Haydon, Thomas Hoppish, Michael Jones, James
Heanley/Haehnle, John Howard, James Jones, John H.
Heister, Jacob Huber, Daniel Jones, Thomas
Helbert, Michael Huber, Gottlieb Jones, William C.
Helm, Adam Huber, Jacob Frederick Jordan, George
Henderson, John Huber, Joseph Jordan, Michael
Henderson, Robert Huber, Philip Jupensuck, John
Hennisee, Michael Hubner, Adam