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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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Sammuel, Mary Sammuel, Michael 1844
Satesby, George Satesby, Susan 1867
Schetrumpf, Andrew Schetrumpf, Charlotte 1916
Scritchfield, McClellan Scritchfield, Mary S. 1919
Sellers, Luella Sellers, George E. 1913
Shaffer, Bessie Odella Shaffer, Ralph E. 1912
Shaffer, Bessie Ordella Shaffer, Ralph E. 1912
Shaffer, Blair V. Shaffer, Angeline 3-Apr
Shaffer, Laura E. Shaffer, Zachariah 1888
Shaffer, Laura E. Shaffer, Zachariah 1889
Shaffer, Roy M. Shaffer, Bertha A. 1919
Shauntz, Mary Shauntz, Nicholas 1804
Sheckler, Matilda Sheckler, Edward 1850
Sheckler, Matilda Sheckler, Edward 1851
Sheeder, Clara Sheeder, Walter 1919
Sheirer, Benjamin H. Sheirer, Cora E. 1912
Shoemaker, Grove C. Shoemaker, Lueretia N. 1910
Shoemaker, Hattie Shoemaker, J.J. 1904
Shreves, Josephine Shreves, Elias 1919
Shroyer, Andrew G. Shroyer, Susan 1867
Shroyer, Edward Shroyer, Alice Elizabeth 1904
Shroyer, Margaret D. Shroyer, Walter Scott 1889
Shuck, George Frank Shuck, Minnie Violet 1916
Shuey, Mary A.W. Shuey, George 1909
Shuey, Mary A.W. Shuey, George 1910
Simmons, Jennie Simmons, John 1883
Singer, Charles Smith, Elizabeth H. 1914
Sixeas, Nettie Sixeas, William H. 1893
Slack, Thomas H. Slack, Mary 1861
Sleek, Catharine Sleek, Jacob A. 1870
Sleek, Jacob A. Sleek, Catharine 1870
Sleek, Mary R. Sleek, James M. 1856
Sleek, Rebecca Sleek, Charles 1852
Sleek, Sara Sleek, Wayne R. 1884
Sleighter, Louisa Sleighter, Henry 1892
Smith, Alcinda W. Smith, William 1858
Smith, Alexander Smith, Mary E. 1861
Smith, Ann Eliza Smith, John 1873
Smith, Anna C. Smith, Frederick 1910
Smith, Bertha Smith, Harry 1917
Smith, Catharine, Smith, Andrew J. 1913
Smith, Daniel Smith, Priscilla 1848
Smith, David E. Smith, Mary Elizabeth 1902
Smith, Dorothy Smith, William P. 1868
Smith, Emanuel Smith, Sarah Ann 1876
Smith, Henry Smith, Jane 1881
Smith, Humphrey T. Humphrey, May 1913
Smith, Jacob C. Smith, Catharine 1880
Smith, John W. Smith, Mannie C. 1909
Smith, Jordon Smith, Margaret May 1916
Smith, Lewis Smith, Mary E. 1911
Smith, Loretta Smith, Aaron S. 1866
Smith, Loretta Smith, Aaron S. 1867
Smith, Martha J. Smith, A. Dr. 1859
Smith, Mary Smith, Lewis M. 1913
Smith, Mary E. Smith, David E. 1898
Smith, Mary E. Smith, John W. 1912
Smith, Reuben F. Smith, Ida 1905
Smith, Sarah Smith, Samuel 1826
Smith, Victor Smith, Mary Virginia 1883
Smith, William Smith, Sarah Jane 1911
Snell, Sadie E. Snell, Elmer, E. 1895
Snider, Christiana Snider, Andrew 1845
Snider, Christiana Snider, Andrew 1845
Snider, Elizabeth Snider, John 1826
Snider, Elizabeth Snider, John 1827
Snider, Joseph Snider, Catharine 1823
Snively, Maria E. Snively, John 1878
Snively, Maria E. Snively, John 1879
Snively, Mary Snively, Rudolph 1824
Snyder, Mary A. Snyder, George Edward 1918
Snyder, Mary A. Snyder, William H. 1899
Soloman, Celia Soloman, Joseph 1916
Sone, Ida May Sone, Jacob 1914
Souser, Grover R. Souser, Anna G. 1918
Souser, Grover R. Souser, Anna G. 1919
Sparks, Curtis Grubb Sparks, Fannie Ella 1906
Spriggs, Elizabeth Spriggs, William 1901
Stayer, Annie Hester Stayer, George B. 1894
Stayer, Annie Hester Stayer, George B. 1898
Stewart, Catharine M. Stewart, Alexander 1883
Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, Henry 1819
Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, Henry 1820
Stewart, Hannah Stewart, Alexander 1862
Stickler, Samuel Stickler, Eliza 1861
Stiffler, Catharine Stiffler, Michael 1867
Stigler, Elizabeth Stigler, Augustus 1849
Stockenius, Jacob Stockenius, Malinda 1867
Stoft, Maria Stoft, Jacob 1825
Stons, George Stons, Mabel 1916
Straight, Charity Straight, Jene 1841
Straight, Charity Straight, Jene 1842
Stuckman, Anna E. Struckman, William E. 1903
Stuckman, Anna E. Struckman, William E. 1904
Stull, Jacob E. Stull, Maria 1899
Stutzman, Lillian Emma Stutzman, Albert 1914
Suter, David L. Suter, Rebecca 1862
Swab, Jennie Virginia Swab, George M. 1906
Swaney, Lizzie Swaney, Benjamin 1891