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A Celebration of Bedford County's Civil War Heritage - July 30 and 31

As fifty Confederate cannons opened fire on Fort Sumter in South Carolina some 150 years ago, it's unlikely the people of Everett, PA realized at the time how the little town neighboring Bedford, PA would contribute to the Northern war effort.

"Some gave all, and all gave some" as the sage saying goes. Everett sent hundreds of its young men to fight for the Northern cause. But the role by those who remained in Everett played an equally important part in keeping the wheels of Northern industrial might in motion. None more so than the war output of the Juniata Woolen Mill on Lutzville Road in Everett, located just off Route 30.

"During the Civil war, the Juniata Mill, operated by Michael Lutz, produced socks and blankets for the Union troops" said Roger Kirwin, one of the organizers of the forthcoming weekend celebration of the Juniata Mill. "We're commemorating Bedford County's role in the 150 year old conflict by drawing people's attention to the Juniata Mill and the role it played during the conflict in keeping the army supplied."

Re-enactors will be on hand to add a living history presence to the proceedings with demonstrations and displays, along with representatives from the Bloody Run and the Bedford County Historical Societies. Michael Lutz, the mill's owner at the time of the Civil War, will be enlightening the crowd with tales of Everett and the mill.

Throughout the weekend, members from the board of directors of the Juniata Woolen Mill Association will be inviting the public to learn more about the proposed boat launch, trail, and mill rehabilitation project which they are spearheading.

The July 30 & 31 event is free to the public and will run from 12 noon to 4 pm each day. The Juniata Woolen Mill is located 1 mile from the Lutzville Road exit of Route 30, west of Bedford (just past the Wal-Mart) on Lutzville Road.

For more information, contact Roger G. Kirwin (event chairman) of Everett, PA, at (814)761-7062 or email or contact Gillian K. Leach at the Bedford County Historical Society at (814)623-2011 or email