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The mission of the Bedford County Historical Society is to document, preserve, protect and promote the history and heritage of Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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The Bedford County Historical Society
Honors 2014 Volunteer Of The Year:


On Thursday, December 11, 2014, the volunteers, staff, and board of the Bedford County Historical Society gathered at Denny's for a Volunteer Luncheon. This luncheon honors all of the Society`s volunteers, from those who volunteer weekly at the Society to those who volunteer for specific events, such as the Quilt Show. A Volunteer of the Year is selected each year based on what projects he or she has been involved in that year.

The Society`s Executive Director, Gillian K. Leach, began the award presentation by thanking every volunteer and remarked that we `had another great year`. She said it was hard to choose just one person to receive this honor because we have so many great volunteers. However, this past year, there was one project that had been needed forever ... we kept saying we`ll get to it, but never did.

The Society needed someone who was willing to sort through and organize the storage rooms that held archives, collections that hadn`t been cataloged yet, mailing and office supplies, equipment, and much more. Mary Anne Whited was the volunteer who took on this very daunting task. She sorted and labeled, working diligently to find an appropriate place for each item. The rooms are now labeled with letters and shelves given numbers so everything can be found and returned to its proper location.

Mary Anne Whited, of Bedford County, first came to the Society while researching the family names Duvall, Whited, Clappers and a 1778 land grant. She has since volunteered and organized the `Broad Top Collection` as Gillian calls it, but what Mary Anne says is more appropriately titled Broad Top and Yellow Creek area. Mary Anne said she was `very surprised to receive this award`. She has been an educator, coach, and athletic director for many years, grades 1 through adult, teaching in the Northern Bedford County Schools and the Montgomery County Schools in Maryland.

Mary Anne holds a B.S. from West Chester University, an M.S. from George Washington University, a Drafting Degree from Maryland Drafting Institute, and a doctorate in Educational Law and Computer.

Everyone at the Society appreciates what Mary Anne has accomplished this year, and she is currently working on organizing the Military Archives.

Jacquie Roach, who began volunteering this year, commended Gillian K. Leach for her efforts on behalf of the Society.

As part of the awards presentation, moments of silence were observed for Jon Baughman, a local historian who recently passed away, and for Ann Wambaugh, a longtime volunteer who passed away in October. Many then shared memories of volunteers who have passed, also recognizing Gary Young who served on the Society's Board of Directors.

Book Signing with James B. Whisker
January 17, 2015

On Saturday, January 17, 2015, at 2:00 pm, the Bedford County Historical Society will hold its quarterly meeting with James B. Whisker giving a presentation of his books and a book signing. Jim will talk about his most recent books, Interesting People of Bedford County and More Interesting People of Bedford County. They are brief sketches of some of the people who made Bedford County. The first sells for $8 plus tax; the second, $14 plus tax.

Also available for purchase will be Gunsmiths of Bedford, Fulton, Huntingdon, and Somerset Counties, $55, Pennsylvania Potters, $20, Right to Hunt, $20, and for $15 each, Gunsmiths of Tennessee, Gunsmiths of Missouri, Gunsmiths of Georgia, and Gunsmiths of Virginia.

The presentation will be held on the 1st floor of the Society`s barn, 6441 Lincoln Hwy, Bedford. For more information, contact the Society at (814)623-2011 or email

BCHS is Accepting
Nominations for `Historian Of The Year for 2014`

The Bedford County Historical Society is seeking nominations for `Historian of the Year` for 2014. The nominee will be honored at the Annual History Banquet on Saturday, April 25, 2015 held at the Hall at Kinton`s Knob.

CRITERIA: Contestant - Any Resident/Group/Citizen of Bedford County or Member of the Historical Society of Bedford County.

QUALIFICATIONS: Involved in the past year (2014) with the history of Bedford County through research, restoration, writing, collection, preservation, etc. This may be a cumulative work over a period of years, but it needs to have been finished, accomplished, or completed in 2014.

Please submit nominations in the form of a letter or essay stating why you feel the nominee is worthy of this title. Please send nominations no later than January 23, 2015 c/o Chairperson `Historian of the Year` Committee, Bedford County Historical Society, 6441 Lincoln Highway, Bedford, PA 15522.